Ferrata Kyseľ

The gorge Kyseľ (a secured trial also known as “ferrata”) in the Slovak Paradise has been available since the summer 2016. The gorge had been closed for 40 years due to the fire in 1976.

The way of access of the Mountain rescue service (MRS) Ferrata Kyseľ is very unique among all the gorges in the Slovak Paradise. It offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of unspoiled natural wilderness.

Ferrata is opened from June 15 to October 31 (winter and spring time is closed). In order to enter Ferrata you must follow special tourist equipment rules and conditions and read all the information about Ferrata on the web page Správy NP Slovenský raj.

You can continue to two more regularly available gorges – Veľký Kyseľ (Big Kyseľ) and Malý Kyseľ (Small Kyseľ) at the end of ferrata. 

Zverejnil: OOCR
Dátum zverejnenia: 16. March 2018
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