Rock climbing

Places in the Slovak Paradise where you can go rock climbing:

Tomášovský View

Tomášovský View (Tomašák) is a large limestone rock formation only 2 km in the South of Spišské Tomášovce village. It’s around 250 meters wide and 30-40 meters high. The rock wall is a part of the Prielom Hornád Canyon. You can get spectacular views over the Hornád Valley, Biely potok and High Tatras in the middle of the route too.

Tomašák wall faces the South, so you can climb it off from the spring until the autumn. It is possible to climb the wall off even during the warm winter. There are around hundreds of tracks of different levels of difficulty. The routes are secured by steady locking points, so most of the climbers manage the climbing with quick-draws only. Most of the routes are climbable (by the “rod” style). All climbing routes plans can be found here.

You can get to the Tomášovský View following the marked hiking trail starting in Čingov, where a parking lot, place to sleep over and restaurants are. However, most of the climbers park in Ďurkovec, which is located between Čingov and Spišské Tomášovce. It’s takes around 20 min by walk to get to Tomášik from a small stone-pit, where the parking lot is.


Another climbing area, that you can find in the Southern part of the Slovak Paradise, located between the Stratená village and Stratenská píla, is near the place where the Hnilec River flows into Palcmanská Máša reservoir. You can find 20-50 meter high limestone walls and towers facing the South, with more than 20 secured climbing routes there. Except of climbing, you can perform other activities in the area during the summer, such as canoeing or swimming. The area is easily reachable from the Stratená village. You only need to follow up the Hnilec River for about 800 meters. If you get here by a car, you will find a parking lot in the Stratená village. You can also park your car right under the climbing walls, but parking there is quite limited.


A small climbing area with around 10 secured routes of a different level difficulty can be found close to the recreational area Podlesok. It’s a limestone rock on the right side of the Hornád River – the place is also known as Hrdlo Hornádu (Hornád’s Throat), because it’s the beginning of the Prielom Hornádu Canyon. If you decide to visit this beautiful place, you need to follow a blue-marked trail from Podlesok. It takes you approximately 15 minutes to reach the spot.

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