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The tallest tower with the biggest amount of clock dials The church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Spišská Nová Ves

If you want to see the church with the highest tower in Slovakia, you need to visit Spišská Nová Ves. The 87-meter high Roman-Catholic church tower dominates the centre of the city in Southern Spiš.

There is a permanent photo exposition of the city history inside the tower as well as a unique clock system that runs 7 tower clock dials and the tallest bell tower in Spiš with 5 historical bells.

The panoramic view over the Southern Spiš is breath-taking. You can get it if you get at the top of the tower with 155 steps.

You need to arrange the tower visit in advance in TIC SNV, phone number: +421 534298293.

Opening hours:

enter:            January-April, October-December: Monday-Friday: 10:30 am and 1:30 pm

May-September: Monday-Friday: 9:30 am, 11:30am, 2pm, 4:30 pm,

Saturday: 10am, 12am

Sunday: 2:30 pm, 4pm

Admission fee: Adults – 1€

Students/ retirees – 0,70€

Children – 0,30€


Múzeum Spiša – Spišská Nová Ves

Niekdajšia stredoveká radnica, neskôr sídlo Provincie XVI. spišských miest, takzvaný „Provinčný dom“, vás pozýva do svojich útrob spoznať prírodu, kultúru a históriu regiónu Spiš. Hodnotné expozície a výstavy Múzea Spiša Vám ponúkajú autentický pohľad na región, jeho prírodné krásy, ako aj život

Mine museum and Gelnica Mine educational pathway

 The mine museum in Gelnica is located in the historic building, which used to be a city hall in the past. It has been displaying the mines’ history since 1938. The museum offers much more than just mines’ history. The museum has a rich geological collection and it exposes the history of the city and the surrounding areas. You can also learn a lot about guild functioning here. When you are done with the museum, take a walk up the hill towards the Turzovka Lake. You will find the Mine educational pathway in the beautiful Gelnica nature. You will also get to know more about historic mine adits from the 15th century along the way. One part of the underground area of  Dedičná Jozef adit is even accessible for visitors. Turn on your flashlight and get through the adit of Gelnica mine underground space!

Don’t forget to check the Turzovka Lake on the way, where you will see ruins of famous Gelnica spa. A thirteen kilometre long “Kyslíková trasa” takes you to the most beautiful view points in Gelnica and surrounding areas at the end of the Mine educational pathway. You will be able to reach the Ostrý Peak too – the highest peak in the area, or eventually the Klippberg Peak.

Mine educational pathway in Dobšiná

Dobšíná town has the mine history as well. There are 2 routes on the Educational pathway. They were built in 2012 and they are 10 660 meters long in total. Nine informational boards along the way will tell you more about interesting surrounding places, mine history and technical monuments around the town.


 Poráč mine pathway and Banský open-air-museum

 Let us invite you to the mine history of the Poráč Village. You have 3 different routes to be chosen on the Poráč mine pathway. Every single route is different according to the time and level of difficulty, so you can choose the one that fits you the best. You will pass by many attractions on your way, such as technical monuments, mine adit entrances, funicular ruins, mine bell tower, and mine towers. Once you are there, don’t miss a small Bansky open-air-museum, which is pretty close to a recreation centre Poráč Park. You will see there a renovated railway track of a mine train, mine machine models, and interactive demonstration of a water use in mines. Make a minor digging up for ore come alive with a stream of water. The open-air-museum is perfect for families with kids.

Poráč mine pathway in the Poráčska Valley and the Poráč village guide can be found here.


Mine educational pathway Hnilčík:

Hills around Hnilčík had been a big temptation for mines since ancient times. They were the biggest and the most important ore bearing areas in Slovakia. All the geologists from middle Europe know mine spots Bindt, Roztoky and Gretla.  While there was a gold rush in America, we had an iron and copper rush over here. Back in 19th and 20th century there were very important mine manufactories and international mine enterprises which were very modern back in those times, using the newest technologies and methods of extraction and processing of iron and copper ore. In memorial of those times, a mine educational pathway has been built. There’s a permanent exhibition that consists of 3 parts. The first part is placed in a two floor building next to the city hall in Jerohuta part. The second part of the exhibition is under the ground, situated in the Ľudmila adit, at the end of the local part Roztoky. A set of educational pathways is the last part of the exhibition, that consists of information boards in Roztoky, Bindt and Gretla- Cechy and Železný potok valley.

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