Telgárt tunnels and viaducts by train

The Hron valley from Červená Skala and the Hnilec valley from Dedinky are pretty steep, that’s why the railway constructing has become one of the most remarkable constructions in this area. Telgart knot is a very unique spiral. It’s 2,3 kilometres long and a tunnel is included with the elevation of 31 metres. Telgártsky and Chmarošský viaduct are another technical attractions of the railway. You can find the railway tunnel below the mountain saddle Besník which crosses the highest point among all the standard railways in Slovakia. You can get on a train in Dedinky or Telgárt. (Dedinky – Telgárt 8:07 am, 03:56 pm, Telgárt – Dedinky 7:28am, 5:42 pm).


Zverejnil: OOCR
Dátum zverejnenia: 20. March 2018
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