What not to miss in the Slovak Paradise

Tomášovský View

If you are a fan of light hiking trails, you should hike from Spišské Tomášovce, Čingov or Letanovský Mlyn. If you are lucky enough and the weather is clear, you will be amazed by the view of the vast part of the Slovak Paradise and the High Tatras at the end of the hiking trail from the vista point on the top of the peak.

Tomášovská Belá

Tomášovská Belá is a romantic version of the pathway at the plateau of the Glac peak. You will find a wooden stairway trail above a flume on your way. It offers an amazing view you will truly love. At the end of the hiking trail, a marvellous Klauzy reservoir shall be found.


Tiesňava is a lovely hiking trail. It’s more a pathway than a hiking trail, so it’s perfect for beginners. The pathway leads you through a canyon valley straight from the Stratená village. The canyon ends up at the open plateau Pod Hanesovou, which takes you right to Dobšinská Ice Cave as well.

Educational walkway Mokrade Hnilca

Beautiful, only a half a kilometre long educational walkway connects a train station Dobšinská Ice Cave and a local tourist information centre. The walkway offers a beautiful view over the rare biotopes of a wetland of the upper part of the Hnilec River. But don’t worry, you won’t get wet as the wooden pathway is constructed above the wetlands.


The Kopanec saddle is located in the middle of the Slovak Paradise. It is well-known for the meadows with the highest concentration of plants on a square meter in the middle Europe, you can get a spectacular view over the Slovak Paradise and enjoy the absolute silence all around the place. It is mostly spotted as a rest place for cyclists.

Kráľová hoľa

Kráľová hoľa is the highest mountain in the Eastern part of the Low Tatras. Once you get up through a quite difficult hiking trail, you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view all over Slovakia. In some cases, when the temperature drops down and the sky is clear, you might see the peaks of Romanian Carpathians.

Meanders of the Hron River

A very light walking from Telgárt. The Hron River has naturally created a meander system that lays over a pretty large area with soaked meadows and a rare vegetation.

Hron stream, the railway viaduct and the highest situated tunnels

You can find the stream of the second longest river in Slovakia southwards of the Besník Saddle, nearby the main road. If you continue a couple of hundred meters ahead, you can see the beautiful Chramošský Stone Viaduct and, more importantly, a very unusual part of the railway line with the Telgárt Viaduct and the Kornel Stodola Tunnel as well, which is a part of the unique Telgárt’s Loop.