Restoration of manor house Susanna in Markušovce, Slovakia

In 2020, Spiš Museum in Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia, succeeded in the project for the reconstruction of the historic Manor House in the area of ​​the French park near the manor house and summer house Dardanely in Markušovce, Slovakia. Director of Spiš Museum, Zuzana Krempaská, told us more about the project, its goals and progress.

The Spiš Museum in Spišská Nová Ves, with its project Manor House Susanna – Museum Experience, became the recipient of a grant supported by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Mechanism, the State Budget of the Slovak Republic and the budget of the Košice self-governing region, which is also the founder of the Spiš Museum. Together with the project partners: Regional tourism organization Slovenský raj & Spiš, Secondary School SOŠ Drevárska in Spišská Nová Ves and the foreign partner company Gagarin from Iceland, they will implement the project by April 2024.

Project partners cooperate with the managing body: MIRRaI (Ministry of Investments of Regional Development and Informatization), but also with a funder from Norway.

The purpose and goals of the project are:

– the preservation of the National Cultural Monument – Manor House Susanna next to the Manor House in Markušovce, its reconstruction and bringing the building to a good structural and technical condition, which is a condition for the implementation of the infrastructure in terms of the project;

– the result of the reconstruction will be a multifunctional cultural object with variability in the use of spaces for visitors and employees. The reconstruction will provide comfort and European standards. At the same time, it will enable the implementation of the planned activities characterized in the submitted project;

– new exhibitions and programs will provide a new perspective on the museum and its use, a new way of education and presentation of the experience. The use of virtual reality allows us to personalize the historical collection. A historical figure steps up and becomes the narrator. A new form of presentation that connects visitor to his own experiences. By engaging all the senses – ancient music, clothing, crafts… – we will take the visitor back in time to the original place (authenticity).

The grant will help us evaluate the potential of the entire area in Markušovce and offer European-level services to visitors. Project Manor House Susanna – Museum experience, is a ring that connects the jewels as the Manor House and summer house Dardanely with their exhibitions, it will bring revival to the entire area and increase number of visitors.

Important step is cooperation with partners, the involvement of young people, residents of the region, marginalized groups, so that they become an active part and creators of the project Manor House Susanna – Museum experience.

We believe that together we will be able to fulfill this mission and that we will meet in 2024 in the reconstructed Manor house Susanna, at a tour of new exhibitions, in exclusive spaces for visitors, where we will provide them with services, relax, entertainment, but also education.”

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the project. Current informations on the progress of the project, updates and photos on the progress in the implementation of project activities can be found on the website

You can also listen to the recording of the introductory conference on the history, present and vision of the historical area in Markušovce:

– vrátane pridania log s hypertextovými odkazmi na web sídla (Granty EHP, Štátny rozpočet SR – slovenský znak, Múzeum Spiša v SNV, SOŠD a Gagarín) a verzie v anglickom jazyku.